Advantages and Disadvantages of SPSS
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I am a Ph. D. student and I have an assignment related to SPSS 9.0 or
8.0 advantages and disadvantages for academic research purposes. If you
have some information or resources related, then please help.
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Advantages of SPSS
1. Information about each measurement is in one row.
2. Students can import data from other sources, when data is organized as a database, including Excel.
3. Comprehensive data management tools. The most critical part of any data analysis is the initial data entry. If you enter the data the wrong way, you won't be able to analyze it properly. While you can use a wide range of options for data entry, often entering the data into IBM SPSS is the best choice. IBM SPSS offers a simple spreadsheet format for data entry that is intuitive and easy to start with. More importantly, IBM SPSS provides a broad range of data documentation (especially value labels) that will help you to ensure consistency in your data entry.
4. Excellent graphical display options. Before you start your data analysis, you need to understand how your data behaves. This is best done graphically. IBM SPSS provides scatterplots, boxplots, and histograms that help you to see patterns in your data. You shouldn't publish findings based solely on an intuitive interpretation of graphics, of course. Rather, these graphics will provide you with a general framework for understanding your data, so that you will be better able to interpret the complex inferential procedures that follow.
5. A broad range of statistical models. Often you will not know at the start of a research project what statistical models would be best suited for your particular project. Sometimes you will have a general idea, but often the statistical model will change as you start examining your data. Or you will want to run an alternate analysis as a quality check for the originally planned analysis. IBM SPSS offers a broad range of highly flexible statistical models: most notably the general linear model and a variety of logistic regression models. These allow you to have a single program that will meet almost all your data analysis needs. Although a few people might need to supplement IBM SPSS with another program like R, for most of the people I work with, IBM SPSS will be the only statitical software package that they need.
6. An easy to learn menu driven interface. Many of the competing statistical software programs, such as R, SAS, and Stata, are run primarily as a programming language. While a programming language offers some important advantages, it takes much longer to learn. Furthermore, the complexity often discourages you from trying a new and different approach. (Simon)
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What are the disadvantages of SPSS

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